Save your life! Read this book! You ARE K2 Deficient! Bones hormones and vessels all need K2! and for vanity? Stops wrinkles!

vit k2 cover vit k2

Of all the health books I have read over the last 21 years, this one has the best info to save my life, heck, all of our lives! My birth mother died of a heart attack at 48. I am 46.  I needed this info years ago!

Cholesterol in and of itself is not an indicator of coronary heart disease, calcium deposition is. Short hand reason why K2 is important is that it is the funnel which directs calcium away from soft vessels and tissues to where it is needed – in the bones!  It also activates the endocrine function of our bone tissue!  What?  You didn’t know that our bone tissue is an endocrine gland?  Well, neither did I until I read this book.  I mean they may have taught that in nursing school, but they certainly didn’t teach about Vitamin K2 because it wasn’t rediscovered until 2007.  I graduated in 2005.  How many docs out there have gotten the memo??  Be your own health advocate!

I will give a simplified version of what K2 does.  Dr. Rheaume-Bleue’s book goes in depth behind the science of how K2 does what it does in the body, but for the purposes of this post I will be succinct.  Her book is a rich source for the what why and how K2 can change our health for the better.  She has two great analogies for K2.  It is both the funnel that directs the calcium from K1 rich greens into the bones where it is needed and is also the broom that sweeps calcium out of soft tissues like blood vessels or a gland like the pineal gland I discussed earlier.

K2 is mainly from animal sources, but there is one plant-based form and it is called natto.  A slimy, stinky fermented dish usually made from soybeans.   She says she really wanted to like this and tried many times, but couldn’t do it.  It has been used in eastern Japan for centuries and the research shows that those Japanese who consume natto, the stinky breakfast food, have less disease overall than their western counterparts in significant numbers. Think, Okinawa.  The western part of Japan doesn’t consume natto and has more hip fractures and heart disease!  It is quite striking the difference in disease rates.

Vitamin K2 works in synergy with Vitamin A (only from fish oil, not from veggies or beta carotene) and D. If we take calcium and vitamin D3 supplements to ward off osteoporosis without Vitamin K2 two things can happen that are the opposite of health, the calcium we take can end up in our soft tissues not in our bone and if we take Vitamin D3 unopposed to K2 it can cause our bone tissue to dissolve.  Vitamin A works to break down old bone tissue and stimulates bone to grow, but only in the presence of both K2 and D3. 

Arterial plaque is mainly composed of calcium.  When I was an OR nurse and worked in vascular surgeries where they removed plaque from the carotid arteries, what was removed resembled rubbery bone.  It retained the shape of the artery even after removal.  K2 has the ability within the body to remove these types of blockages when combined with Vitamin D3.  Dr Rheaume-Bleue gives the example of a patient who had a 50% blockage of the aortic valve.  His cardiologist, a believer in targeted supplementation, had already had good success stopping further blockage with high doses of Vitamin D3 in other patients.  When he found out about the groundbreaking K2 study he also put his patient on the version consumed in natto.  In 10 months the K2 and Vitamin D3 had worked to remove 95% of that blockage!  Those kinds of numbers from supplementation have huge implications for everybody.  Why isn’t this information mainstream?

We are all Vitamin K2 deficient unless we have been consuming either Natto (slimy stinky Japanese fermented soybeans) or FULL FAT dairy from cows that eat FRESH rapidly growing green grass, which I know we aren’t because of our broken food system. The real and serious danger is when we take calcium and Vit D supplements without it!!!


If your doc doesn’t know about K2 get her to read this book too. It just may save your life!

Here is the supplement I got since it is winter and even if you had a source of organic grass fed raw milk AND it was legal to consume grass isn’t growing rapidly now or at all.  It’s vegan, but contains soy.

Seriously get this book!

Consistency is the key AND the bugaboo, oh and wear a condom!

I feel better today.  I started taking charcoal yesterday.  Coincidence?

I still don’t have time to update y’all about the lameish parasite cleanse I am doing.  I quit doing my posts on it because I got a horrible case of Monkey Butt and I wanted to give you the recipe of what was working for me. Yes, on top of the parasite cleanse I had a case of monkey butt a long haul driver would have said, “Oh! you poor thing,” too.

But I had an ethical issue and still do and I am thinking I am just going to lay it on the line here, later when I have time.  I may piss someone off, but I piss about 10-20 people off a day as it is.  Or so it seems…;-0

I can’t tell you about it now because I am excited about writing, and running out of time to go write a 5 page paper on how probiotics affect the microbiome!  I love my school!  Woo hoo!

Later, when said time is had, I will talk about my lack of consistency and my gladness everyday I don’t have kids because all they crave is consistency.  My cat, bless her heart.  She is so sweet despite my confusing-to-her, inconsistent actions.

Kids?  They don’t play that.  They get hurt.  They act out. and then they have kids.  Well, so do cats…  but cats can’t drive.

Anyway, this could segue into a don’t-have-sex-if-you-know-you-aren’t-consistent talk.  Or a don’t-be-a-parent talk… but I like to look at the root cause and what causes parents?  SEX!  But I still don’t have the time…But I have this:

Consistency in positive behavior should be taught in schools.   Everything from health (sex), to finance, to home making, to vocation relies on consistent actions.  Sure we also need to be taught the correct actions and that is what school is for.   Education must be consistent too. For example, if we are not going to have a CONSISTENT sex ed and birth control program what do we get?   We get abortion.  Abortion happens as a REACTION to inconsistency in obtaining CHEAP birth control and inconsistent sex ed.  All of this coupled with no parenting classes?  = shitty world

What is my goal?  Why do I care about others consistent behavior?  Because I selfishly want to live in a world were everything WORKS and isn’t so damn BROKEN!  The ONLY reason I know ANY of this is because I have pretty much done it all wrong and in fixing my own shite I may be able to help another fix their own.  I wish it could be town by town or country by country so that change takes place in my lifetime, but I hold close to me the belief that instantaneous change is possible.    

PS We also need to teach kids that a kid isn’t just a kid it is a LINEAGE!!  A long line of people descended from you!!!! That’s a lot of freaking people to be responsible for!  So, we need to educate and consistently wear a condom!

It all comes back to sex doesn’t it?



Warning!!!!! Cussing mad blog post ahead: Do not read if you are not a fan of cussing. Seriously.

Who are these mother fuckers who decide that war and hate are the answer??

Maybe I have been doing stupid, self-sabatogy stuff lately to practice loving myself.  I mean why else would I write some of the shit I write? I mean, yes, I write stuff that I am feeling with my whole heart at the time, but as people give me other perspectives I can feel like an idiot when I realize I was only looking through one pane of an 8 pane window.  I know I hit the nail on the head though a lot.  I could even say it would be a 78% average nail hit.  Of course it could it be better and I will always strive for better, but the issue is that I can’t stop the socially-awkward truth-Tourette’s I have.  I just have to get better at vetting what I post.

I had a break down today.  I really try to keep an even tempo when it comes to my moods.  I have about a 99% I-don’t-cry-over-shit rate. My husband probably thinks that is reversed but one cry two cries a year is 1 or 2 cries too many for a retired Marine.

Why did I break down?  Because of several levels of self loathing.  I say stuff that inflames people.  I don’t practice what I preach enough.  I have no close family or friends or any friends or family, really, but my husband and my wonderful mother in law.  I lost my best, sister-friend recently due to telling her some painful truths, so my heart is broken and then there is the all-the-time noise in the background of nature screaming in the pain of being dragged from the center, the balance that makes all living things work together to move forward in divine evolution.

I say inflammatory shit on FB because I desperately want other people to give a flying fuck about anything other than their immediate need to buy something cheap at Walmart that they will, because it is a cheap piece of shit, throw away within the month? Maybe a year?

Well, my husband does this too.   And truth be told because I don’t want to fight all the time. I give in and we buy stuff made of and enveloped in plastic.  How the fuck and why the fuck do I care so much if I am also part of the problem?  GOD!  It is infuriating that this is the world in which we live. That I have to think about every single choice I make and sometimes there isn’t a choice, not if you want to stay married to the love of your life.  My husband loves me and treats me like a queen.  I prayed for him for years… BUT this is the ever red line where we have our rows.  I will continue to fight those battles though because eventually he knows I am right.  He knows that all I want is a better place for us.

I can admit that I want the world to change because it would just be easier.  I want peace on earth because it would be an easier existence.  I am inherently lazy.  I just want this life that breaks your heart to be a little less do or die for every purchase made, every dollar spent.

I thought about trolling, trying to waken some people up with love and respect of course, but those sites are filled with people who are so ungodly mean to each other, I just can’t even look at it much less participate in it.  So how the FUCK do I convince some redneck from North Kakalacy that he needs to change the things he buys, much less to just THINK about caring about what he buys?  Because the planet???  He would laugh me off his camo-themed FB page!

I can’t even convince my husband on the small stuff.  I think I just need to start there.  At home.  Maybe I just need to just shut up for a while on my personal FB page until I get my own house in order.  But the thing is I can’t.  I don’t think I can do that.

I am addicted to hearing about the next dead shot-by-crazed-cop unarmed black man because I feel like if I know about it I can preach about the changes that need to take place in this country to make it different.  But I have to clean my own house first.  I need to focus on helping my husband my sweet, intelligent, open-minded, knight-in-shining-armor king of a guy realize that his white privilege is just that, white male privilege.  It is a hard nut to crack, but I am now into the pith.  I slipped through that hard shiny shell when I banged him real hard one time.  Pieces are falling away and raw nut can be seen.  So there is hope…

I don’t want to beat hubs up.  Every time we war dance along that thin hot red line of where our beliefs collide we come out on my side. He has consistently improved over our 12 years together and we make less trash than 99% of Americans, but we still use plastic bags for that trash!  Mama Mia!!  Every choice I make makes me wish I was making a different choice these days.  It is a very stressful way to live.  And yes, I could divorce my husband, but I would rather die, so there you go.

I spent 10 days in a Vipassana silent meditation retreat and the whole point of it is to very simply keep healthy by not internalizing stressors by being conscious of the breath.  And to practice that with at least an hour of meditation a day.  That lasted until I met my true love one month later.  I got sucked into the vortex of hormones that makes a human throw all things important into the wind like confetti.  I am now just picking up those pieces.  It is time to get back to serious meditation, to the practice of not reacting so much, breathing, being even keeled about it.  I feel so horrible about myself for all of these non-perfect choices which I know contribute to the misery on our planet.  It feels like I am going to hell with these choices.  It is a Catholic-like guilt and I hate Catholicism. (And all other religions.  I am an equal opportunity religion hater.;-)

I really feel like Christians need to get with the program.  THIS IS HOW YOU GO TO HELL!  When every choice you make is a choice between the lessor of two things that will cause harm to SOMEBODY in the upstream or the down stream in the making of it.  I am pretty sure the bible frowns on harming other people.  So every choice is just a greater or lessor sin by their book.   I wish Christians would be more concerned about going to HELL because of the sins they commit every time they spend a dollar than whether or not people are gay and want to marry, or want to kill an unwanted fetus because bringing them into a world full of pain and neglect and abuse is better than letting them live and be cast to the wind because these same Christians no more want to help a child that is in poverty, neglected and abused than they do the parents of that child.

But WHY are we having to care and stress out about this shit so much?  Don’t tell me it is a free market and the market just makes what we demand.  The disposable society came from the drawing boards of executives post WWII who made good products but wanted to sell more of them.  “Gee Bob, we have already sold all of our vacuum cleaners to every housewife in town, if we are going to expand and make more money we shouldn’t make our vacuum cleaners so that it can be handed down from mother to daughter!  That’s just bad business!  Besides, it costs so much to make our vacuums this way…” and on it went until we are now at a place where there is an 88 cent cookie sheet at Walmart.  How the fuck can anyone make an 88 cent cookie sheet?  What did Walmart have to do to produce this 88 cent cookie sheet?  Steel had to be forged with what alloys we don’t fucking know, and it had to be molded by a machine and then packaged in PLASTIC and then shipped all the way around the fucking world.  Who knows?  The steel may have had to have been shipped there from here, like our animals now are being grown here, shipped there, processed there and shipped back here!

So getting back to my FB addiction problem… So I post about the things that are killing us and the planet  and I preach and I make people uncomfortable and defensive, but here is the thing; if I have friended someone on FB there is a pretty darn good chance they are already concerned about these things.  But the things that piss my friends off the most is that I post “conspiracy” shit.  They still aren’t really getting it and so that is why I continue to post.  I post things about the power structure and the sneaky or not so sneaky way s they are fucking us ALL.  I definitely think there are some powerful mother fuckers “up there” in their cigar smoke-filled white mens’ clubs making life as hard and as toxic as they can for people.  And by mother fuckers I mean sadist psychopaths who want nothing more than to see others suffer.  It is their sexual pleasure, watching others wriggle in the pit they are thrown into.

I constantly try to get people to change, to see the truth of what is going on because I selfishly want to be here when the planet shifts to peace.  What a nice place that will be!!!!  I just pray it doesn’t take a fucking mother fucking war to get there! Aren’t we as a species sick to fucking death of war?  I mean aren’t we??

God, it just seems so laborious.  You have to lug, around the world, gigantic metal machinery to do what?  Nothing ever fucking changes!!  Yes, We defeated Hitler and Mussolini and let Stalin run away to his castle in the frozen lands to create a new war, the cold war.  Arrrrrrggghhhh it is just so infuriating!

How do we stop the psychopaths?

Studies are coming out showing that an imbalance of pathogenic microbes in our guts causes mental illness.

So, my answer is live, fermented foods with lots of different kinds of Lactic Acid Bacillus, LABs.  Later I will have a bibliography posted on all the studies that prove that LABs are the shizzit!


Cultured Food Life

The Art of Fermentation

But how do we get the word out to the psychopathic mother fuckers?????

So, I am not going to stop writing and sharing.  I just decided.  I am not an idiot and people need to know that they have to make better choices. I wish people won’t have to go though this stage of self loathing about those choices, but that is where mediation, constant self love talk and patience comes in.

Or is it too late?

Should I just forget it and consume like a bastard?  I can’t.  That’s the thing.  Because I can hear nature screaming.  I can’t stop trying and striving and loving.  I just can’t stop.

Do you want to lose weight? Feel great? Never tired, always ready for fun? It starts with a new Economy!

Well, we all do… This is our first step…Create a new narrative about the economy.  Sign up for this free thing…  (I am not involved at all, just came across my desk)

There WILL be a new economy. The old economic paradigm is broken, was broken when it began. Some of you may think it is working just fine, but it isn’t.

It supports the inflammation that is causing obesity, the processed foods that cause diabetes and auto immune diseases and the list goes on ad nauseum, as my personal FB peeps are already nauseous from hearing about it, I am SURE! 😉

We have to create a different language, a different narrative around what we, the 99% of people who do NOT have a million dollar yacht AND a summer house AND a mansion with 5 cars AND a plane would like to create so that one day we might have 1/2 of that+ or silly things like clean air, water and soil and FOOD that don’t make our bellies blow up like pregnant-lady balloons!

The old economy is grinding to a halt and trying to take us all out with it.

Check this free thing out and step off the platform at a stop along this human continuum we couldn’t control.

THIS new train is going to clean air water and soil and to your future bangin’ hot bod!

Woo woo!!  Chugga chugga chugga chugga, chugga chugga chugga chugga… Woo woo!!!



Humans are soft sacks of blood and bone. 250 mile per hour winds will pop us like water balloons.

veiled rainbow

You can see the powerful colors of this rainbow behind the clouds. It’s how I imagine our awakening is being clouded by the distractions caused by caring about things that don’t matter in the face of what we need to overcome to evolve – in the face of air, water and soil getting close to no longer supporting life as we know it, or life at all.

Humans are in dire straights. The earth, as George Carlin said will be just fine, and when 100 tornados touch down at once we won’t be worried about the earth. Humans are soft sacks of blood and bone. 250 mile per hour winds will pop us like water balloons.

Our lungs are spongy weird tissue that exchange the valuable oxygen we need to live, but where is the saturation point at which our earth’s atmosphere will no longer have enough oxygen?   How many toxic spills more will it take to make water unfilterable except for only the people who can afford it?

I think you know I am an ardent, tireless supporter of equality for EVERYBODY, so I know you won’t beat me up for saying this:

I believe we as a global community must put aside our disputes over color, sex, religion, creed, national origin and politics because it is distracting us and taking up valuable energy we need to give to our families, our communities, our regions, states and countries in order for us to move forward towards ENVIRONMENTAL equality.

Sure, the wealthy will be able to build storm shelters and reverse osmosis water systems for their walled off O2 bubbles they built for themselves to live, shop and socialize in, but do you think 99% of us would have access?

Uh, Houston, that would be a negatory.

It is time to personally be David to the world’s Goliath. Make one action everyday that moves all of us forward towards peace, even if all you can muster is one tiny moment, once a day of just thinking how this world can move towards peace.  It will help.  But if you can do more, please do!  There is no time to delay, but don’t beat yourself up either.  Be sweet to yourself even if you are thinking of moving forward, just keep going and always improve.  Whatever way you can move forward COUNTS!!

Examples of easier things that help move us forward:

  • Open a door for another.
  • Take a grocery cart back to the store for a stranger, if you are able.
  • Look people in the eyes and smile.
  • Stop the water while you brush your teeth.
  • Don’t pull out in front of another car when you are a slow driver, just to see the reaction of the person behind you in your rear view mirror.
  • Give a compliment to a stranger…

 Work up to harder stuff like:

  • Don’t buy so much wasteful stuff swaddled in plastic and that sooner rather than later you will throw away  because you didn’t really need it anyway.*  
  • Donate money to your public library.  Education is the KEY!!!
  • Vote with your wallet against the greedy mother fuckers who are doing all the poisoning.
  • Stop watching commercial television.
  • Eat dinner with your whole family without the TV on

I could go on and on, but I need to do some dishes.

What else can you think of?  Put them in the comments!   Help us all using that big brain God gave you! 🙂  

Y’all talk amongst yourselves, with love!

WE must lay down our OWN swords and shields, by the riverside.  Let’s not study the war no more. (From an  American African spiritual.  I know I have a lot of typos, so I didn’t want you to think this was one…;-)

*  A note on plastic; a good way to look at it when you see it used in packaging:  Imagine that plastic is like a dry cleaner bag that could choke a baby.  I am being literal.  When this shit moves up the food chain this could choke your baby out of a life before it begins or could tetrogenically mutate your baby.  We don’t know the ramifications yet.  This knowledge may help induce change.

Go in peace and hug each other!  Hugs releases happy neurotransmitters!