Soul Kitty Approved! #1 Go buy local non vegetarian fed eggs!


Hello!  This here is my first post for Soul Kitty!  I am so excited to share with you all of my ideas for making this world a better place one crazy idea at a time!  There are 7 BILLION people on this planet and more to come  The way we are living and what we are doing is just not sustainable whether you like it or not!  I hear the creaking and groaning of the earth under our weight.  It’s like a serial killer movie out there! People are angry and insane from a lack of good omega 3 fats in their brains!  I really think this deficiency is causing the psychopathic-corporate-political policies we see from the industrialized systematic torture-killing of 60 billion creatures and the deconstruction of bio-diversity with pesticide use and GMOs to feed our fat faces to the clear cutting of virgin forests and the destruction of native habitats like migratory bird ponds and polar ice.  I mean human trafficking of actual virgins is taking place probably in your own town!!!!  WTF!  

Yes, this is all very negative sounding but I fervently believe that we can change this,  We have the power to shift this destructive paradigm and create a world with more humanity, humility, more love, less violence and bigger, happier healthier brains!!  If your brain ain’t happy, ain’t no BODY happay!

Join me as I give my Soul Kitty seal of approval to others’ and my ideas to make this rich, fun, happy, peaceful place we call planet earth a reality!

#1 Go buy local non vegetarian fed eggs!  Why non vegetarian?  Check out this great blogger’s explanation: The eggs above I just got at our local Farmer’s market.  Almost every town or neighboring town in the world has a farmer’s market.  Go.  Buy some real-live-from-the-chicken-butt eggs for you and your family.  You will not regret it and the less you buy from the purveyors of soul killing food (AKA grocery stores) the less THEY will buy from the actual soul killers.  

This paradigm shift will take place from your wallet and your email account and phone!  Buy local!  Write and call your reps and stores and corporations to tell them you are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore!  We the people have the power.  Use it or lose it!

If you have a fabulous, fun or functional idea to help shift us towards sustainability, drop me a line!  Hopefully this blog will make you more aware and make you want to create your own shift!.

I love you all even if you are still eating feed lot meat.  

FYI.  This life is a work in process.  I am not perfect, and I have a life, so the blog, just like my life might be a bit messy.  It means I am out here working to make dreams a reality and not glued to the compooter…




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