#2 Don’t Hesitate

Ever feel like you want to pay someone a compliment or just say something nice to a stranger and you don’t because you might feel embarrassed or you don’t have time? Do you think about it later?  Well, I do and I think about these encounters when I can’t sleep at night.   I am making a pact with myself that I am going to say and do nice things to people whether they like it or not.  Whether I am embarrassed or not.  I will wave to people, smile at people and tell them I like their hair AND their shoes.  It is part of the paradigm shift.  We have to start being friendly with one another again.  

I don’t know if it is just in my world here in eastern NC, but people are angry.  They pull out in front of other cars seemingly purposefully, they drag ass in the left lane next to another slow car in the right lane to box people out for miles at a stretch looking in their rearview mirrors the whole time waiting for a reaction, in stores nobody smiles, there is no eye contact and they (we) race to the checkout line to get there first…

Behind anger there is always fear.  The opposite of fear is love.  Love is the salve that softens the heart.

If we can commit to displaying more love and less fear we will shift this WORLD towards PEACE.

Peace.  What is peace?  Peace is Muslims and Christians and Jews keeping their religious views to themselves and treating each other like human beings.  Peace is waiting 3 seconds for that car to go by before turning out onto the roadway.  Peace is letting the person who has one item in the busy grocery line go in front of you and your packed cart.  It is waving from your car at people in their cars who are driving in your neighborhood.   It is helping a less mobile person wrestle a grocery cart out of the mesh of carts.  It is breathing before complaining and realizing that your complaint is just an arrow of negative energy into the world, so it is best to keep that arrow sheathed.

When there is a moment that presents itself for you to chose love and not fear, don’t hesitate!  It will create a bond of love between two human beings.  The more love bonds the more joy, fun, happiness, laughter in this life and really isn’t that all this life is about?



3 thoughts on “#2 Don’t Hesitate

  1. “…whether they like it or not. Whether I am embarrassed or not.”

    haha yes, why not? There was this woman once, she must have been in her late fifties, but she had a modern, expertly styled and maintained short haircut, dyed platinum blonde; something you’d expect to find on a much younger woman, a young person who thought too much of their appearance maybe; and unbelieveably, it worked really well. It was short and sculptural, sharply cut lines and angles, rough textures blending into metalic silk – a work of art. I was in a women’s clothing store with my wife at the time and had to take careful glances to appreciate it without seeming to look unhinged and leery. She saw me looking, but didn’t react like she felt threatened. I should have just walked over and said, hey, great haircut, best I’ve seen for years on anyone. Might be the last perfectly balanced offering of style I see for decades and I missed my chance to note it. So you could be right, when we hold back, there’s the risk that everyone will lose something.

    Hope you found your effin dashboard ok. I had similar experiences in the beggining.


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