Stick Only the Good

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Funny, as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP, yes, it is really a thing and explains a lot, LOL!) I always notice if when I comment on a post and the person who posted it didn’t like mine, especially if they liked someone else’s. Just a little nick in the heart every. time. Here is the funny part thoo: I was clearing out some of my art photos and realized that on almost every photo I didn’t “like” some or all of the comments made by my friends!!!


I THOUGHT I LIKED EVERY ONE!  Wow, really!?  Really!

So this is anecdotal evidence that we are all mirrors to each other and if you are hurt, frustrated, angered, saddened, by someone you are probably doing the same thing to others.

Conversely, good energy is the same way and can be used preventatively. Doing good works for others will have those good works come home to you.  Isn’t this really just karma?

I think of Karma as a boomerang and what you stick to the top of that boomerang will come back to you.

Stick only the good!



2 thoughts on “Stick Only the Good

  1. I’ve been thinking about this for a day or so now, so in the spirit of “don’t hesitate”, I’ll ask what I have to ask. But first I’ll press “like” as an act of good faith towards the karma gods.

    If I buy you an icecream (good karma) and the next time I see you, you fail to buy me an icecream (karma not reciprocated) should the law of karma cause you to suffer, possibly never eating ice cream again as karmic retribution? And if we are mirrors to each other, then wouldn’t that also mean I would stop eating ice cream also, perhaps owing to some indirect injury sustained in the procurement of ice cream treats that you never hear of (karmic connection manifested)?

    Is your idea of karma what I would call an ideal of reciprocated relationship? What have I missunderstood from your explanation? Is your concept of karma like a diode – only flows one way, from the initiator – and if so, what is the rule for the reflective “mirror” clause of your theory?

    My next question is, if good works come home to the doer (extension of the karmic rule) at what age does karma become activated? Because if we took the example of a child who suffers at the hands of another, then following the rule, the child would be partially to blame for the abuse, under the “mirror” clause of the rule. So what age does the rule begin?

    The idea that everyone is the author of their misfortune, regardless of perceived innocence, is an old one and it’s pretty effin hard to swallow in it’s entirety. No?

    But there is an older idea, one that says energy – pure energy – can be used anyway you like, but as humans, we can’t avoid our natural “place” in the universe. The Earth can only do so much, and do it better than anything not of the Earth. Spirit can do only so much, and better than anything not spirit. Human’s can do only so much, and better than anything not human. Everything has it’s “place” and energy has no memory, purpose, intent or direction until it is used by spirit, earth or humans.

    As with all mystical ideas, they can be measured by their honesty when faced with the unexplanable elements of the idea, and this one is no exception. The trouble with the “energy” form a human point of view, is that humans can’t easy connect to it and can’t use it logically because it can’t be understood. At the risk of sounding cliché, it has to simply “flow” through the human and bring what is true from within, into the external world through actions. In addition to this rule, and because the “energy” can’t be grasped with the intellect, and because it regards humans, earth and spirit equally without favour, it cannot act favourably to any of those things above another. Pure equality has no favour, it brings life to everything and anything, good or bad to avoid imbalances. When the energy is stalled or blocked, chaos and imbalance begins.

    The unknowing innocent that suffers, in our earlier example, it isn’t their fault, there was nothing they could do to avoid it, the energy isn’t out to get them – the energy was stalled by another person or place or thing. Infants and children do not know how to stall the energy, they learn to stall it with rules, morals, nice ideas and hypocrisies etc etc. This two and a half thousand year-old theory, in my opinion, remains relevent today: the energy flow is often stalled; and though we can’t become children again, we can only learn to unblock it.

    But I agree, non-reciprocal relationships suck. Even virtual online ones. The silence gets deafening and particularly depressing. But damn it, we shall unblock the energy and refuse to be silent, no?


  2. Hey Lee! Thanks for such a thought provoking comment. The short answer to your first question since I am running late already today is no, that is not how I see Karma which answers your second question if I am reading it correctly.;-) Because I believe that energy doesn’t stop it just changes form then our souls (energy) move from earthly body to earthly body and the thoughts and actions we performed in the past iteration of ourselves becomes the lessons needed to be learned in the next. There are so many things times infinity we do not know in this Universe, so I can’t give you all the behind-the-scenes stuff. (LOL like anyone can…I mean they can, but how do we believe them? I mean Jesus had a hard time convincing folks of things and he apparently had his finger on the pulse!) I can only give you what I have experienced to be true in MY life. My Universe may not actually be operating in the same plane or by the same rules as your Universe, but I believe we are all one from the source. Maybe we are all Universes that are a part of a greater galaxy? I don’t freaking know, really, but I do know if my thoughts which I believe are energy are positive consistently I will experience the positive in whatever mechanism makes that work. If I am a curmudgeon and negative-Nelly it through life, guess what? My life is shit. This was a real quick and dirty and may change tomorrow as I change and grow. I stay flexible in all things as evidence is presented to me. What say you Lee? :-]


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