Don’t smack yo’ mama!!!!

Image Do you remember the time you went to the Ritz in Atlanta when you were 12 and you had high tea?  Or even better yet when your dad got a wild hair and moved you in first grade and your family to Scotland and you used to go to England on the weekends and you would stop for tea and crumpets?  No?  Well, Imagine it.  The sea air, the heathered moor, the black bulbous taxi cabs driving roundabouts and sweet mouth trinkets made from the finest white flour glittered by the most teeth-rotteningest sugar… remember the long haired cattle in your front yard and the scraggly shorn sheep out back with every tree looking like it had been blown that way since Avalon disappeared?  Remember the trashy platform-heel-uniform-wearing-bully girls laughing at your purple herringbone polyester tweed pants and your impeccably shorn twiggy hair looking like a boy with a southern American accent and the diesel smelling ice wind…?

Swirly Whirly Gumdrops…

You don’t? Wait!  Those are my memories, LOL, but if you keep reading I will share a taste of that rememberance…

After reading Eating on the Wild Side I now know that if I get the wildest, frozen blue berries they are THE most powerful source of all things good and if I heat them up in a hot skillet ( she says microwave, but I don’t have one) to defrost them, (flash frozen, flash defrosted) they retain up to 50% of their good stuff, like powerful antioxidents!  This, as opposed to letting them defrost on the counter!

ANYWAY!  Back to the nom nom nommiest thing ever and just in time because I am creating a healthy version of High Tea for my relatives next week. This is in addition to going to school full time, having a HUGE {to me} show this Friday at Art Crawl in my own no-having-to-pay-commission space on the street!! and keeping a busy family of two adults and a cat not in disrepair and now making jewelry and painting for the show and writing this to you!  So, I was almost in tears when after my 3 hour round trip to Wilmington NC to shop at Whole Foods and Trader’s I remembered that I forgot to get clotted cream!

There is no high tea without clotted cream!  There is certainly no organic clotted cream at the Harris Teeter in my own food-desert hamlet, so I grabbed the only thing that might work, Artisana Coconut Butter!  It had taken me 6 months to try it.  I just didn’t know what to do with it and really I was afraid it would be coconutty, but I had bought it after reading rave reviews of the health benefits and how great it tasted.

Well, once I tasted it I knew that it would have a significant role in making desserts taste like ambrosia!  Not the disgusting mayonaisey fruit salad my southern relatives made for reunions, but ambrosia from the GODS! It’s so easy peasy and if you can tell me what this flavor reminds you of besides a blueberry cream cheese miniscule tart I will blow you a virtual kiss and wish infinite and generous abundance for you!  Oh, wait I do that anyway, but you will get a special double dose! :-*

1/4 cup Trader Joe’s WILD Boreal Blueberries. Microwave on defrost for 50 seconds or stir in an already hot pan until defrosted, (prolly the same time).  I it goes over by 10 seconds don’t kninp!  You will read in the book that heated up blue berries are even MORE nutritious than room temp!

Mix in delicately 1 TBSP Artisana Coconut Butter

Add Nu Naturals Nustevia to sweeten (They confirmed to me that they have started sourcing non GMO Erythritol!) You can of course make more, but this is just so you can have a taste and tell me what it makes you think of!

And ,oh! Try not to smack yo’ mama!


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