Want to meet your soulmate or get that car you love? Power of the Present Positive!

I just wanted to post for y’all what I posted for a fellow student who is suffering right now. This shizzie works:

Try saying over and over in the present positive what it is you want. Saying it in the present is “faking it until you make it.” If you say I WANT something it always will be out of reach because want is future tense.  Instead say, “I have, I am.”  Also, write it down. Chant it; in the shower, while you are falling asleep, waking up… I know this works!  All the incredible blessings in my life come like this.  It even works for parking spaces!

Maybe something like, “I am gentle positive energy. I have work that fills me with healing, grace and abundance. My body is perfectly healthy and 100% completely well… Thank you, Universe, God, Yaweh,  Muhhamad or The Goddess”

When I first started this practice, after a traumatic betrayal in my 20s all I could say in the beginning is “I am alright. I am ok. Everything is great…”  Everything was far from great, but as I said it and forced myself to smile, it became great-er.   After having to move back home to Atlanta, after having lived in the mountains for 3 years, I wanted a reliable truck with a camper top for free. A camper top so I could go rock climbing and camp by myself not relying on others with a vehicle in which to leave the city, and free because I was less than broke.  I said it and wrote it many times a day.

Within 2 months I ran into my dad whom I hadn’t seen in 2.5 years and he said verbatim, “I have been trying to get in touch with you! Your Grandfather died and left me a reliable chevy S-10 Tahoe with a camper top and I want to give it to you for FREE.”

Yeah, I KNOW!!!!!

Another example: For years I was desperate to find my soul mate. There were a lot of frogs I kissed to find him, but during that I wrote down, again in the present, what I wanted in a man, gnat’s ass stuff like my man puts the toilet seat down every time and my man is bald to to big things like my man adores me and loves me unconditionally. He is a pilot. He is independently wealthy… This went on for about 3 pages. I listed everything I could think of that hadn’t met my approval in other relationships with men and I said everything in the present positive. BTW, it is counter productive to ask for things in the negative like my man doesn’t leave the toilet seat up. It’s like the universe only hears the subject that you are talking about and will give you a man who leaves the toilet seat up! Nobody wants that!!!;-) I revised this list 3 times over about 7 years.

The last day I revised the list I met my soul mate that night and for both of us it was true love at first sight!  The only thing he didn’t have on the list was blue eyes, but sheesh! How shallow of me!

It hasn’t all been perfect, I think I might have called him to me before we were both 100% ready, but this journey has been a blast and is a testament to the power of positive thought in the present tense.

Of course I was constantly working on MYSELF the ENTIRE time and always will be. If you take the baby steps the universe (God) will take the big steps for you if you know how it works.

I have to give credit for this way of thinking and that goes to Shakti Gawain. I read a book of hers in about 1996 called Creative Visualization, and it was life changing!




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