Peace is the true north, but damn it taxes me!

I am moving away from anger as a defense from the assault of people who just don’t give a rat’s ass about other people towards whatever in that situation will result in peace.

My favorite peeve is drivers who are driving less than the speedlimit in front of me.  I am busy.  I move fast and I can drive a car like a jet pilot can fly and feel hampered and assaulted by those who just WON’T move the eff over even though there is a LAW stating that the left lane is only for passing.  They drive looking at me in their rearview mirrors seeing if they are getting a rise out of me as they drive slower and slower.

I stopped gesticulating wildly and screaming at them a few years ago, because I could tell they could smell the blood wrought by my actions and reveled in it, like Jaime Gumb in Silence of the Lambs when he dances in his suite made of fat ladies’ skin…

Sooooo, I started smiling.  It KILLED me to do so since I felt the hate sizzling my soul.  Smiling through that hatred made me feel like The Joker.  Some flip side of who those serial-slow-drivers were or who I perceived them to be.

I guess it was about a year ago I started this tiny baby step to peace.  I did it because I realized that if I feel this way about strangers in their “shiny, metal boxes,” then how could peace in the middle east EVER happen?

So I kept doing it.  Smiling through my rage and it was pretty amazing.  People started moving over!

“What you resist persists!”  All my anger just made their psychic energy dig in like ticks, but even just the ACT of moving towards peace changed something in me and THEM!

I rarely have that happen these days and if it does then it is just a reminder to me that I need to be the freaking change in the world.

Happy trails, fellow humans!


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