The food companies have brainwashed your taste buds and you have Stockholm Syndrome!

Are you a captive with stockholm syndrome???

The food companies who sell you poison in the shape of food must feel very proud of themselves.  They have taken the world hostage and instead of the world rebelling and taking back their food freedom the world buys even MORE!

The food companies have capitalized on busy mothers and fathers who just don’t have time to do the research or don’t even know they should do the research on the foods they feed their vulnerable children.

The food companies put obesogens in your food which make YOU feel like it’s your fault that you are fat.

*Screeching needle on the record*

Wait!  It is NOT your fault, is it?

Even though they spend BILLIONS marketing their poisons, it is your decision to continue to give these companies money to feed you poison.  You, your brain and tastebuds have been brainwashed by these companies who care not one whit about your health, only the giant profits they are raking in.  In a lot of places in the country there isn’t even a choice to NOT buy their poisons.  Your food choices have been hijacked, but it has been such an incremental hijacking, it seems like you ARE making a choice when you choose between Wheat Thins and Triscuits. They have made you accomplices in your own poisoning, you are in collusion with them against you and rest of America.

This should make you very mad.

The foods you consume made by them actively attack your gut health, causing leaky gut syndrome which can cause a cascade of events that lead to lowered immunity, or over active self immunity (auto immune diseases) and instead of being able to trust your gut your gut has turned into a dis-ease bomb destroying your good natural health from the inside.

Step away from Kraft, Unilever and the Grocery Manufactures Association and chemical companies like Monsanto who gleefully admit they are taking over our food choices, in order to “feed the world.”

Read Labels, although there is no labeling for Genetically Engineered organisms because companies like Pepsico and the above pay millions to keep your from knowing any time this fight comes up for referendum.  Be surprised by the list of chemicals and sugar in a loaf of bread or a bottle of ketchup.  Choose products with 5 ingredients or less.

You are the only one who can stop the brainwashing by these companies who only care about how much more they can sell to you before you figure out that they have taken you and your family, community, state, country and world hostage.

Do your research.  You can pretty much ASSUME that food companies that source their products with GMOs, chemicals and taste extenders are the enemy of your health, but the only thing you have to do to defeat them is stop paying them to make you Fat Sick and Nearly Dead!


When you stop the madness and start to consume real food there will be a taste bud transition, not un-similar to kicking a heroin addiction.  I KNOW it is hard.  I KNOW it is maddening.  I have done it.  I kicked the sugar and the chemicals that added at least 20 pounds to my body in the form of inflammation and bloat.  It just takes consistency. Get knowledge.  Go to a school like Institute for Integrative Nutrition .  Read books like Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and Jo Robinson’s Eating on the Wild Side.  Watch documentaries like Food Matters and Forks over Knives!

You are the ONLY one in charge of what goes into your mouth.  Make a break from your captors!


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