Food Babe Rocks. Don’t mess with my girl!

Food Babe Rocks. Don’t mess with my girl!

This article is what I am reviewing ( still not getting wordpress…;)

Why I’m Not Worried About Yoga Mat Chemicals in My Food

Maybe she is just misinformed or has not been interested in researching or directing research that can be prove scientifically that these chemicals are not obesogens, cause cancer, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease.  How scientifically does she know that the metabolites of these as they go through chemical processes in our bodies are NOT toxic?  Maybe she will become interested in doing the research that will back up her claims that she made  telling every reader, (because most readers won’t read further than the title or the first paragraph and they will now feel justified to eat whatever chemical laden thing they want to eat), in a national web mag that eating yoga mat material and basically any other added-to-food chemical is totally safe.

I know she said that she doesn’t condone the use of chemicals anymore than anyone else, so then why wouldn’t she write an article that EXPANDED on what Food Babe brought to light?  Write an article that outlines all the chemicals in food that need to be proven safe instead of throwing negative bombs all over the whole concept of calling companies out for the easiest things they can do to change.

If she is going to bash a movement then she would do better to explain the whole story.

Food Babe only wanted Subway to do what they have been doing in other countries which is making the bread without yoga mat material.  The only reason why they do that here is because the FDA deems it safe.  Do I need to list all of the things the FDA says is safe for us?

I generally love Nutrition Diva, and her 5 Secrets to Anti Aging got me to cut all sugar, but this article is NOT the kind of energy we need right now to enact real permanent change towards food freedom.


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