I will admit it, I was wrong about Hemp…

MLMs and buying into a product like this before the legalization of it in more states.
As much as I wanted to believe with all my heart that our hemp dreams had come true, I wanted to also believe in the get rich quick scheme.
Unlike the K*ch Brothers, I want to make ooodles of money to start a something like a non profit, not like the NFL NON Non-profit, but something non profit to link corporations and the save-the-world movement to grab hold of this rudderless world as my friend Alan contends it to be or more aptly put, wrench the natural world back from the K*ch Brothers et al.
I want a non profit empire to make 100 mil a year or more and give 99% of it away to save our mother-bless-ed planet.  It would create foods that sustain the planet, fast foods that sustain our health and give us more time for fun.
It would pay for the electric companies to convert their DIRTY coal powered electric plants to receiving and distributing solar, wind, free and hydrogen power, subsidize EVERY consumer to be their own power plants and BAIL OUT THE COAL MINERS!!!  The coal industry could  use their already treeless land and blown off mountains to harvest solar energy in exchange for not being brought up on criminal charges for killing hundreds of thousands of people a year with the mercury, sulfur dioxide, and carbon in our air.
It would subsidize organic farmers, stop GMOs.   (Where is Erin Brochovich??? and I miss Rachel Carson)
It would install solar powered tower greens harvesters in water-poor areas around the globe.
It would EDUCATE the world’s children about having children so they don’t just willy nilly have them.  (Each child is an entire lineage!)  and work with China and Japan to stop doing the things they are doing to ruin theirs and eventually our entire ecosphere.
Maybe that MLM company I almost bought into THINKS the product they are selling are effective and safe.  I hope so.  I was willing to risk my Social Security number for the promise of the dream of hemp healing, but I will not risk my reputation. ( I deleted my post about it) If it is legit I am sooooo happy for all of these wonderful, caring and dedicated people I met on their FB pages.  I have to say that the experience of being in a group of 16,000 people who are all like me, who care and have empathy was astounding!  I wish I could contact them all to help me create a grassroots semi profit called You and I Equal Change to save us all.
If you are interested in this kind of movement/business/philanthropy or are a venture capitalist who is interested in this.  Let me know!!
I love you all.  We are all family.



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