Food-heroin, aka sugar, has been exposed as the drugging killer it really is…

This excites me to no end.  I feel like this stems from the work many INDIVIDUALS have done to increase awareness.  A GRASS ROOTS movement!  If this is possible there is no limit!  There is also no time left.  We all must take action on all the things that are poisoning us and the planet.   This earth has not a lot of options left.  I for one will keep letting y’all know the things that need to be changed in order for us to survive and writing emails and letters and calling and doing my art and music.  I can’t even think about starting a health coaching business…   I am so glad a lot of my co graduates are setting up shop because there are going to be a lot of people who need to kick the junk!

JUNK food.    How did I just now get that?  I have been railing against sugar since 1996 and just now got the junk as heroin – junk as food connection??????  Blow a mind!


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