People who don’t want to know what’s in their food are suicidal…

…and need to be under psych observation.

Knowing the kinds of things Food Democracy, Food Matters, Inc, Food Babe et al have brought to light and the kind of backlash Food Babe recently got only deepens my belief that the people who lash back or vote against labeling laws have a mental illness and it has gotten to the point that they don’t care about anything so why would they care about what is in their food?  This mental illness causes Pathological Apathy.  PA for short.

I have a mental illness when I don’t take care of myself…we all do.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Mental illness is but a flicker of the brain.  The lobes have lost synapse for some CAUSE and the pieces of the puzzle of life are no longer fitting together.  If it is a brain mechanics issue it can be fixed in most cases like a combustion engine by our fuel.  Just like the horrific Salem era was caused in great part by the mold on the ubiquitous rye, the lack of good sources of omega 3s and beneficial probiotics and lack of quality veggies are what is causing the mental illness and insanity we are seeing today.    (If I need to list the insane ways our society has devolved, let me know in the comment section, alrighty?)

The studies that seem to change with the wind about certain aspects of health are maddening, I know.  If I were a scientist I would start my own FOR REAL third party lab and ya’ll would know what was good or not, you know why??  Because I love each and every blessed one of you.  I do.  I don’t know the frick why, but I do.  Sometimes feels like a curse, but if I saw life that way I may as well be in hell because that is how it feels when I fight against loving everybody, against seeing what it is like in other people’s shoes.

I have tried about 10 times to write a book about unconditional love but every time I try I always start out trying to explain WHY I care so much.  WHO THE  FRUCK CARES???  Right?  I should be so lucky that I love everybody.  Isn’t that what we were taught in Sunday school?   That Jesus’s parables were all and only about unconditional love even when he he was throwing over the tables in the temple!  He was only mad because he loved these people and did not want to see them hate themselves for destroying the commandments set out by God.

The flame is flickering erratically and faintly, but I can even find love light for the Koch Brothers.  They must be in severe psychic pain to be as ugly as they are to all of us.  Can you feel a place in your heart for them?  Or Obama, if he is the source of your consternation?  If you can’t then that is where you start.  Let me know in the comments if you can feel it or don’t want to feel it or just don’t care.  I want to know what you think! :-*

When I was a  little girl I would hope so hard that if I covered my eyes I wouldn’t be seen in a tickle fight, but I could have hoped all I wanted but the person could still see me.  I was little, a child.  So this mental illness, the one where people just bury their heads in the sand, may also have an aspect of being developmentally delayed.

People may hope with all their might that if they just don’t know what is in their food every thing will be ok, but just having hope doesn’t make it so.  Is it a mental illness that is keeping people from maturing and taking responsibility for their choices?  Or maybe the lack of Omega 3s is causing a reversible (hopefully) brain damage?

I was recently under prolonged, extreme PTSD kind of stress and it caused me to feel brain damaged and mentally ill for a time and it lead to suicidal thoughts, Pathological Apathy!  The societal mental illness/brain damage is causing depression and depression causes suicidal ideation.  There are MANY reasons to be depressed in our country, but I bet we can trace it all back to the ways CEOs or politicians are trying their darndest to screw us over for the sake of the Almighty Dollar. To knowingly and seemingly cause harm to another is psychopathic behavior!

It seems that only the psychopaths are attaining position of leadership in our country, which is very frightening!  They count on your apathy to keep doing what they are doing.

If you don’t want to know if there are poisons in your food then you are at a point where you have given up on life and isn’t the action of not wanting to know if you are possibly killing yourself either early or quick a form of suicide?

Come on let’s love each other enough, those of us who are getting good omega 3s and probiotics and eschewing the chemicals for veggies, to spread the word, grab some avocados, (grow your own trees!!!), make  some guac and sauerkraut and take it to your neighbor who is causing all of the disruption in your neighborhood.  We have to act loal, think global if for no other reason than we can help get our country out of crazy! and maybe along the way we can start to feel the love light!

ET phone home!!!

BTW, Read Age of Miracles Embracing the New Midlife by Marianne Williamson.  It is a book every human over 35  needs to read.  “Life is happening at the speed of light,” and  the more you know now in foresight, not wishing you had hind site makes your 40’s. 50’s, 60’s self even more happy, more loved and more loving, oh and successful, too!

Stop committing slow suicide by burying your heads in a bowl of chemically laced ice cream!


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