Every thought you have paints a picture of the next moment. I started out this life with less than a psychological nothing, but I am truly am living my dreams now.

Image In fact I hit and went through the dream ceiling! I have the social benefit of being white, but as double adoptee plus foster child before 8 months old and all three mothers possessing severe mental illness, it has been a difficult row to hoe…

…but with consistent, positive self-fulfilling prophecy towards ourselves and others we can simultaneously enact change inwardly and outwardly. Everything has to have balance and we are out of balance inside and outside. We need more people who care and we MIUST embrace the people who don’t care because there has to be a balance. Balance your inner flora and I am betting that good orderly change will take place on all levels. Start by trying to buy all of your groceries from a TRUE farmer’s market who have farmers who don’t use pesticides or GMO seeds. You can ask them. If they don’t then it is a vote in their minds to stop using those damn expensive sprays and seeds. If you can’t find a local Farmer’s market then buy groceries that don’t spit out a coupon with your receipt. Nothing in boxes. Buy natural cleaning products. Our baby steps need to get bigger before the imbalance tips the scales and we trip!


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