His generation is going to have to fix what our grandparents and parents did by deciding to abdicate their food choices to the food companies

EDITED:  It was glaring.

kitty caring about you  Glad to be asked!

Question from a mom who is a personal FB friend of mine from HS and my spit-out answer. I just LOVE FB and our live connections to our past!  No editing,  just getting it out there… Here goes:

“Hey! I haven’t talked to you in forever, but enjoy your posts. My sons class is researching packaged foods and need to find out where the ingredients come from, how far transported etc. you seem to be up on this stuff. Do you know a good website or have tips on how to get this info?”

Has he watched Food Matters or Food inc yet?  They have a lot of great resource materials.  He could share the chipotle animated commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMfSGt6rHos I love that  his teacher cares about teaching about this.  All processed foods are not in their whole state.  Whole foods are the key to getting our country back to health.  Buy locally from farms within 250 miles.  Learn to like raw veggies.  The reason why packaged food is so un healthy is that all of the enzymes needed to take the nutrients of the food to the correct places in the body are missing.  Enzymes are fragile.  Enzymes are killed by heat over about 117 F, so any boxed or cooked food is devoid of nutrient messengers.  When food cannot be bio-assimilated, taken in for nutrients, then the body must use up valuable endogenous (made in the body) enzymes that are supposed to link up with the food-born enzymes.  This takes energy away from the replenishment of cells which contributes to aging and disease processes. This is the reason why junk food is so bad and basically anything in the middle of the Grocery Store is junk food.  We must eat more raw, organic veggies to counteract the effects of this junk food, or better yet, stop eating them at all.  

A good topic to look up on Google for the effects of packaged foods on our planet is: floating plastic island.  There are so many levels to what the food companies have done to us to make a buck.  I encourage him to be sleuthy.  When he is confronted in his research, like watching those documentaries and Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, by something that rocks his world have him go deeper.  His generation is going to have to fix what our grandparents and parents did by deciding to abdicate their food choices to the food companies which are just a vehicle to make more profits every year at the expense of our quality of life.  I say “our” as you understood.

 I know I am venting, but school projects like these are a very real occasion to teach the other kids in the class, the school and by osmosis, the parents.  Our generation was the first victim of the low fat fiasco which ushered in grain based junk food.  Have him look up the two scientists George McGovern consulted to come up with the food pyramid in I believe 1974.  It was the low fat guy and the low sugar guy.  The sugar lobbyists made sure it was the low fat guy who won coupled with McGovern’s ties to his grain producing state that gave us grains as the huge base of the food pyramid.

There is a danger to letting government decide what is best for the people to eat in terms of real nutrients/health because government is run by a political system which is inherently corrupt based on favors and bribes which have now been made legal by the Supreme Court in two decisions Citizen’s United and McCucheon.

 Also if he finds that he wants to learn more steer him towards GMO education Genetic Roulette and The Future Of Food.

 My lovely, gorgeous Soul Kitties wanna chime in and help a youngin’ edumacate his world??






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