Here are the list of the fracking chemicals used and a letter I wrote to my state rep. I didn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement with Halliburton. PLEASE share at will!

I wrote Erin Brockovich, we shall see…
THIS is SUCH a violation of our free speech!  Not to mention they can just drill horizontally under your property without compensation or notice!  North Carolina will get 1% of this deal.  Most states get 5% or more.  Halliburton doesn’t have to adhere to zoning laws.  It is a misdemeanor for a doctor to disclose the chemicals to their sick patient.  The general public will be charged with a felony.  I guess I will have to take this down when our dictator Pat McCrory signs this into law!!
Hello Michael Speciale,
I am dismayed by the fracking bill that has sailed through the house.  Is your party TRYING to poison the well water of the people of this state so that we must rely on only municipal water sources (which I am sure y’all are trying to privatize behind closed doors) to water our plants/crops??  That is the only end game I can see.  There is PLENTY of Natural Gas spewing out of other states!  Our state does not need to add to the contamination of this country.  Fracking in other states has caused horrible water and air pollution and EARTHQUAKES!  Voting yea on this bill is a vote FOR crimes against humanity.  
I  CAN NOT believe that you ALSO allowed this bill to go through with the provision that EMS and hospital staff can be convicted of a if they expose the below carcinogenic chemicals to the public.  Healthcare contractors and employees are tasked with the care and well being of our communities.  To make free speech illegal is unconstitutional. You MUST know this is beyond wrong, unethical and unlawful.
Why isn’t this state leading the way with clean solar and wind energy?  I cannot wait until November.  We have GOT to get people like you who are greedy for all the Koch Brothers’ and Halliburton money you can get your hands on out of your offices.  
Yes, I am angry.  You gave me your WORD that you would not vote yes on anything that would endanger our environment and you have voted time and time again to do just that.  I mean offshore drilling?????  Did you not see what happened in the GULF?  The Gulf is dead. You voted to potentially KILL our pristine shores.  Saying that fracking isn’t harmful is a LIE. Your party has RUINED this state and we must get the ruiners out.  
I am not sure how you can sleep.  I am sure that at some point you cared about this state and the people, but what happened?  Is money THAT important to you? Shame on you and your ilk. 
God, please take these corporate shills out of our government.  Michael, I forgive you for your transgressions against God’s green earth, but will not forget and will make sure the voters don’t forget either!  I will work as hard as I can to get you out of your office.

Fracking chemicals:
Table 3. Chemicals Components of Concern: Carcinogens, SDWA-Regulated
Chemicals, and Hazardous Air Pollutants
Chemical Component Chemical Category
No. of
Methanol (Methyl alcohol) HAP 342
Ethylene glycol (1,2-ethanediol) HAP 119
Diesel19 Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 51
Naphthalene Carcinogen, HAP 44
Xylene SDWA, HAP 44
Hydrogen chloride (Hydrochloric acid) HAP 42
Toluene SDWA, HAP 29
Ethylbenzene SDWA, HAP 28
Diethanolamine (2,2-iminodiethanol) HAP 14
Formaldehyde Carcinogen, HAP 12
Sulfuric acid Carcinogen 9
Thiourea Carcinogen 9
Benzyl chloride Carcinogen, HAP 8
Cumene HAP 6
Nitrilotriacetic acid Carcinogen 6
Dimethyl formamide HAP 5
Phenol HAP 5
Benzene Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 3
Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 3
Acrylamide Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 2
Hydrogen fluoride (Hydrofluoric acid) HAP 2
Phthalic anhydride HAP 2
Acetaldehyde Carcinogen, HAP 1
Acetophenone HAP 1
Copper SDWA 1
Ethylene oxide Carcinogen, HAP 1
Lead Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 1
Propylene oxide Carcinogen, HAP 1
p-Xylene HAP 1
Number of Products Containing a Component of Concern 652
19 According to EPA, diesel contains benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes. See
EPA, Evaluation of Impacts to Underground Sources of Drinking Water by Hydraulic

Fracturing of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs (June 2004) (EPA 816-R-04-003) at 4-11. Fracking Chemicals which are known Carinogens 

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