I am going to be reading and practicing the New Arthritis Cure book…

I am 46 and riddled through and through with arthritis even though I have been active, even moderately athletic and am mentally suffering because moving my body is my medicine.

SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, needless to SAYYY, I need to do something.  This book holds the promise of getting to the root cause. I am losing kingdoms to the enemy in my body and it is time to take them back.  That is, if you need a war metaphor…

I prefer balance.

Where is it?

I will find it.

Please if you feel empathy and love at all in the world, please encourage me.  I am desperate.  Pray, bow, kneel, bend, lie prostrate, whatever floats your boat, but I could use a lift up so I can help lift others up…meow…


Thank you!


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