Radical honesty demands no secrets to be kept…positive feedback loop

So, what if people stopped keeping secrets?  What would change?

Mental health is hidden by secrets.

Corrupt governments are hidden by secrets.

Child abuse is kept hidden by secrets.

Things that cause people to feel shame are hidden by secrets.

I think the world would shift in a matter of years if secrets stopped being kept.

Just starting with Mental health:

If mental health was no longer hidden we could help prevent violence before it happens which would prevent suffering of victims at the same time getting the person who has the mental health issue the support, care and love they desperately need.  A mentally ill person is SUFFERING.  Behind the manifestations of their illness, usually narcissistic, annoying, angry, anxious, criminal etc. behavior, there is profound suffering.  It does not matter what the underlying cause is; trauma, brain chemistry misalignment or birth defect the effects are all the same, great mental anguish and suffering.  Families who keep secrets about family members who are obviously not well contribute to the suffering of the planet.  What if they told the truth?  If more people spoke up then the representatives who make policy decisions and move money from one basket to the next would be more informed as to how many of The People need extra services and support and the mentally anguished wouldn’t feel so all alone.

Try it on, see how it fits.  What would change in your life?  The world?

Imagine a world where there’re no secrets…it isn’t hard to do… nothing to hide or be ashamed of… families filled with love…





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