The New Arthritis Cure: Week 1. Oh, gosh, here we go!

It feels like I just got on the first train of a roller coaster.  CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK up the hill we go!  Hands on the bar, stomach in my windpipe, not really sure I want to do this, looking forward to the rush at the end and just wish I could skip the rest.  Honestly.

I keep forgetting why I am in so much pain all of the time, but I had a serious illness, Spinal Meningitis 20 years ago.  I think that is what is causing all of my crazy pain.  I beat myself bloody and blue because I feel so horrible about myself because I have a hard time doing anything and I trick myself in to believing it is because I am lazy.  I am NOT lazy.  I used to work harder than most men because I married a super human guy who gets the job done of 3-5 huge men so I had to keep up!  For a decade we gutted and remodeled houses weeks at a time 10-12 hours a day.  I used to work out 5 days a week, mow the lawn, vacuum, clean, move furniture, and just generally jump up and do anything that needed to be done. Now?  Everything I do is like moving through molasses with broken joints.

I quit sugar 3 years ago, I eat only organic, non-GMO local foods.  I actually will just not eat if there aren’t those choices available.  Luckily, in my town there is a localvore restaurant so I can go out to eat and have a night on the town occasionally, but in general I eat only the foods I make solely because I have been trying to suss this pain out.  After I wake I have a big mason jar of ginger and lemon juice or just lemon organic of course.   I do not eat grains unless it is quinoa at Persimmons and the VERY occasional sour dough bread crust with grass fed butter.  I eat no red meat, no chicken or fish.  I rarely have shell fish, but unpreserved.  I have had a healthy chocolate habit until last week, but it is chocolate I make from organic 100% dark fair trade, yada yada, sweetened with stevia.  I have nuts, but I soak and dehydrate my organic nuts.   For food fun I have pizzas that I make with a pre-baked-by-me rice tortilla.  I used to have organic cow cheese but have switched to almond cheese and we load those babies with 5 kinds of veggies so they really aren’t that bad.  That is the “worst” thing I think I eat.  I will once a week or less have a dirty martini.  I know I should stop that but come on!  Can’t a girl cut a little loose???  That may have to end here soon if I see no relief.  I don’t drink wine but VERY rarely because of the sugar in wine.  Oh, I used to have a decaf coffee every morning with organic half and half.  If I am freaking out, needing a fix and am tempted to make chocolate or something I will still have that.  I have tried coconut milk and I do use it, but sometimes I need to get my dairy sugar on.  I must stop it, but I am a food addict… But really all in all I eat healthier than 99% of the population.  You would think I would be the healthiest one out there!!  So I know there is something ELSE going on.

Since I want to document this journey to healing my body I feel I need to list what is going on with me.  It goes against my positivity-whispering code of not stating the present negative, but there may be someone out there who is having the same kinds of issues.   I haven’t been able to raise my right arm because of arthritis in my shoulder and AC joint, my 2 lower ruptured discs and 5+ vertebrae riddled with arthritis send pain down both legs, my left hip aches and my right foot has a painful bunion.  I have pains in my solar plexus region and my kidneys.  I am super auditory/photosensitive, (light bothers me a LOT) I have had all the blood tests to see if I have an auto immune disorder and many other tests to rule out more serious disease.  I really just think that the virus/bacteria (Spinal Meningitis viral/bacterial loads are measured by protein count in the spinal fluid on a continuum and I was right on the line between the two.), is still in my body and is causing all this havoc.

I know there will be people who think that there can be no cure for arthritis especially through what we eat and those same people also might say there is no way viruses and bacteria are hanging out in the crevices of our bodies.  But I say, first we ARE what we eat.  Period.  All you need is empirical evidence for that!  Where are the studies you may ask?   I don’t need a raft of links to point to studies for this one!  Eat whole foods for 30 days and you will be your own study!  The second.  All I have to do is look at Post Polio Syndrome.  My mom has Post Polio Syndrome from the original virus and it affects her whole body, not just where the nerves and muscles were damaged.   Dr. Fife talks about places in the body that do not get constant blood flow like joints and teeth are ideal places for bad-acting microbes to hide out because without blood flow there can be no white blood cells riding in to the rescue to slay those bad actors.  Coconut oil has anti bad-microbial properties and he makes a good argument to use it to help kill these microbial lurkers who can wreak havoc on teeth and joints.

So I have finished this first week.  I also enlisted the help of a health coach, Linda Gibbs Dewitt.  I felt like I needed some accountability.  She bought the book before our first meeting, took notes and gave me three things to do this week.  Up my intake of the coconut oil, the oil pulling and try Diatomaceous Earth.  I did all three!  I feel like coconut oil is a new member of the family!  I take 1-3 table spoons a day, I have oil pulled 5 times this week.  (I had to skip 2 mornings with family visiting.)  I have had what I think might be a cleansing reaction with a mild headache which also may be from stopping my HUGE chocolate habit abruptly.  Oh and I, on my health coach’s recommendation, watched Super Juice Me and it really re-inspired me to juice so I have been having one juice a day of either cilantro or parsley, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, cabbage and celery.

What is different this first week?  Well, in the last few days I have woken up looking forward to getting out of bed!  That is huge since it usually takes me an hour to wake fully and then another 20 minutes to get OUT of the bed.  I have had to schedule this time into my day!!  But yesterday and today I woke up and got out of bed almost before I had a chance to realize it!  No dragging myself out of sleep.  HUGE.  All the pains are still there, but the fog has lifted. So I say it is starting to work!!!!

I would LOVE to hear from you.  Have you read this book?  Do you have arthritis?  Come do this with me!  I would love the company!


PS I wanted to post a pic, but WordPress won’t let me.  Twitter will though so you can see it on the feed over there on the right…


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