Week 2: The New Arthritis Cure and Diatomaceous Earth trial – 50-70% relief!!

OK!  Well!  I have big news!  First though I am going to tell you what I have been doing.  This was a very hard week for Tia, my sweet man and me.  We moved.  It was a temporary move while our house gets new shoes, a 4-5 month process.  I had already told S that I could not be counted on to do much of anything.  After I last posted I had a huge relapse.  I honestly thought I was going to die of some kind of bone and joint AND organ cancer.  I had pain from my hair to my toenails.  I was shuffling about like a sick 80 year old.  My eyes were dull, like literally the color had drained out.  Bad constipation, which I never get.  No appetite and just pain.  I kept up with my oil pulling, taking 3 Tbsp of coconut oil (I’ll call it CO from here out) with meals, I got methylated Folate at the urging of my AWESOME health coach Linda Gibbs Dewitt to rule out if I have the MTHFR gene mutation.  I also started the Diatomaceous Earth (DE).  The first day, 4 days ago, I took a heaping tsp.  The next day i took a heaping tbsp after reading more about it.  The next day I passed what looked like this (will post pic soon).  5-6 comma shaped, 5-6 inch in length a 1/4 wide THINGS floating in the toilet.  Within the hour I felt better.  Every house thereafter I felt better, less pain.  24 hours later, yesterday i was able to bend over and pick things up off the floor without wincing, grunting and sighing!  So I started doing some more research on DE and what worms I actually might have.  Go, look for yourself.  I’ll post links later since we are still unpacking, but look up what to expect when taking Diatomaceous Earth. Last night I started having serious itching.  My butt, my EYES and crazy weird “pains” in my intestines when I was trying to get to sleep.  It felt like my spleen was going to explode (at least it felt like the area where the spleen is located and is ground zero for where I had my first unexplained body pains in May of 2013), and what I can only describe as wriggling in my intestines.  Today?  More itching, BUT when I went to take something upstairs I RAN upstairs with energy like I had years ago!!  I KNOW!!!  It feels like a miracle…BUT

So the itching…I think I have several kinds of worms.   I was infested with pinworms as a child.  I have always chewed my fingers until they bleed.  I am sure that is the vector point.  I will get more into it when I have time, but needless to say I am really getting in the weeds on research on how to get rid of these buggers.  I am going to keep the faith that I will!  Please ask me any questions you want about this!


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