Weeks #3 and 4… Little beasties and cravings and relapse, oh my!

Today I made a beautiful shredded lacinato kale salad with dots of red pepper tossed with red onion and blueberries marinated in fresh lemon and ginger juice, sesame oil, 100% olive oil, fresh garlic and sea salt…

…because today was my Monday, my let’s-start-this-shizzie-over-again day.  Any day really is a good day to start again.  Try, try ALWAYS try again.  

So, on average I have had relief from my constant pain that I had for a year and half which started with spleen pain, kidney pain, solar plexus pain which then spread to my joints.  BUT I am coming up against the place I have always found myself in when I attempt to rid my body of Candida or other beasties and heal completely.  I have been fighting this particular parasite, Candida Albicans for 21 years ever since having Spinal Meningitis.  The worms I believe I got when we sailed our boat to the Caribbean and swam in fresh water.  Both things collided to make me miserable.  The big worms I am pretty sure are gone,  and what I thought were pinworms are now gone, but the little yeasties are still about and screaming for what they love.   Carbs, sweeteners, extra protein, caffeine anything to make my blood sugar rise.  Even though I eat very clean there are still things I can cut out.  Stevia, dairy, caffeine even in decaf coffee, chocolate, (home made with stevia), rice flour tortillas and almond milk cheese.  I had all of these things during weeks 3 and 4. Every day.  The cravings were just too intense.  I still was juicing, (all local NC organic cucs, broc, cabbage, parsley or cilantro, red lettuce, carrots, kale stems, and lemon and celery), except the two days my fabulous MIL was in town with her Beau and 2 doggie daughters, still oil pulling, still taking 2-4 tbsp of coconut oil (although I need to write a post just about that whole issue), still taking the DE, taking psyllium husk fiber because the DE causes binding up and drinking as much reverse osmosis water with added minerals as much as possible.  The kale salad today broke the cravings.  There is something magical about Kale when mixed with whole-lemon juice.  It is like my body gets everything it needs and knocks out the cravings.  I am having a headache but I am pretty sure it is related to the detoxing I am still doing.  

OH!  I didn’t even tell you the worse thing I was having.  Dirty vodka martinis!  I know!   Well, I had about 5 over a 2 week period.  That phase is over now, but that is how strong the cravings can be.  I just think you need to know this if you decide to bear/bare this journey.   The upshot of not eating stellarly is that some of the joint pain returned, thus, the relapse in my title.  I KNEW it would happen, but I went ahead and strayed from my anti parasite/arthritis detox plan anyway.  It is a pattern of mine.  My hope is that telling you, writing this out for all to see will help me be accountable so that I will be able to continue on regardless of whether I slip.  That is maturity, keeping on the path even if you slide off momentarily, even if the path is difficult because you know that eventually the payoff will be worth it.  

I learned a lot going to Overeaters Anonymous when I was dealing with the binging and purging and anorexia cycle I dealt with in the years following my illness.  If you are having a really rough time dealing with the cravings don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Hopefully, you can find a meeting in your town, if not you could start one!  Do you know how many sugar and food addicts are out there??  60% of us are obese in this country ( am not now, but have been in my yo-yo disease of biome inequality), so that is how many of us are addicted to food.  The main thing I learned is if you don’t plan, you will fail.  If you don’t plan to have healthy quick choices you will listen to whatever beasties are lurking in your gut and I guarantee you they are NOT screaming for Kale!  LOL

So, I made enough salad to get me through about 4-5 days.  It is an addition to a lettuce salad or an addition to an egg dish or I can tossed it with local grilled shrimp…

The nicest thing that has happened is that my fabulous Soul Man has agreed to have a bit of my juice in the morning and THIS morning, on his fourth day, (I thought he was gone off to do some work on a project, but…), he came back and asked if I had made him a juice!!  His body must know that those enzymes are a workin’!  Yay!  Makes my heart happy!

What are the puzzle pieces you are putting together in your life that contribute to your health?  How are you making your life better everyday?

I wish you all the best!  Meow!


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