As I deworm the beasties in my gut, my anger, frustration and stress reactions are lessoned!

Something I haven’t talked about is that with the pain that decreased so much after releasing that ugly nest of worms, (Oh! I need to find the only picture on the net I found that resembles what I passed!  Sorry!  Soon, my little kitty lovers, soon!), something else is also dissipating.  My anger.  I was getting to a place in my unhealth where I just couldn’t release anger at everything from the man who murders Crepe Myrtles in summertime, to the idiot drivers to our government and its irresponsible role in the world not to mention Big Pharma, Agro-Chem and Big Gun.  It was causing huge amounts of cortisol to course through my system which actually FEEDS the little beasties in our guts.  Cortisol is a steroid and steroids raise blood sugar and parasite LOVE sugar more than anything.  So it was a positive feedback loop.  I think I started Soul Kitty in an effort to work through that anger because I really believe that anger is non productive and I sooo want peace in my life and on this earth.  Since I believe that our thoughts create our reality, because E=MC2, then I felt if I started a blog and Twitter and FB page related to putting the present positive out there then it would have to help all my anger.  Anger is based in fear, so maybe a lot of my fear also passed with those ugly large worms!

I still get angry at things I cannot control, but the thing is I am not holding onto it for hours or days.  Which frees up a lot of psychic energy for other pursuits.

How many people out there have nutrient sucking, blood sucking worms in them driving their fear based anger?  I think if mental health professionals started prescribing Diatomaceous Earth BEFORE they prescribe anti-depressants for a 90 day cycle, we would see a huge reduction in mental illness!  I KNOW that is a huge statement, but these buggers are REAL and they are sucking the lifeblood out of us and interfering with the ability of our enteric gut-brain to function properly and naturally.

I know I am not going to rid my body of all the beasties.  I just want the bad actors out. It seems really ironic or a coincidence that ISIS and my wormy bugs are happening or discovered at the same time.  Hmmm does that mean that everything is connected???

Of course it is…;-)

PS I have a post about week 5 on hold waiting for a friend to release a product that can help so many people with a bugaboo of an issue.  The post will have to have a TMI warning, but we have to de-stigmatize what I call monkey butt…stay tuned.


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