What would it take for the #westernmedicalparadigm to wake up to the reality of the balance of the Microbiome? It’s either disease or health.

Balance is the KEY!

How much microbiology is taught in Medical school?  Parasitology?  Is it doing harm if a doctor ignores a huge part of the disease causing world?  Parasites, fungus and yeast when out of balance wreak havoc on the human body.  Just because it is a lot of work to learn this doesn’t mean that doctors should bury their heads in their collective un-conscience and pretend that worms and yeast are little more than urban myth.

I have a very typical microbiological tale to tell.  I think it is going to sound a little extreme, but I think it may be more common than we all think.  Since I was 8 I have yo-yo dieted, been uncontrollably and un-function-ably addicted to sugar, very sick twice, tried really hard and quit sugar for a year and a half in my 20s, societal pressures got me hooked again and then I was asleep for 15 years.  

I am back awake fully this time and dealing with a nasty infestation.  At 46 I have spent 38 years battling what I thought was a weight issue!  It is not a weight issue it is an imbalance issue.  My microbiome was pathologically imbalanced.   It is healing because I am introducing micro-species that will help crowd out the pathos and usher in an era of well being, even happiness.  I lost about 75% of my irrational anger when I release a nest of worms.  I KNOW now that imbalance in the gut causes imbalance in my psychology and there are studies emerging that support my experience.  I will be posting those as I come across them.

One of the biggest ah ha’s in my research was discovering that the digestive tract from mouth to anus is actually an external part of the body!   Ben Locwin floored my brain when he wrote, “Let’s think about that again: Inside your digestive system is outside of your body. Your body accesses nutrients through digestion from food passing through, but these nutrients pass through your intestinal walls, and your body is effectively separated from the food by many layers of cellular lamina; the food is really outside of your body. By contrast, those things inside of your body, such as organs, blood, etc. are designed to be axenic – this term means ‘free from foreign bodies.’ If you weren’t axenic, that would mean that you had an active infection.”

So we have to consider that our guts are actually a part of our surrounding environment!  Everything we consume, everything we eliminate is involved in every other aspect of the microbiome around us!  If we see the digestive tract as truly outside the body and we know now that in the enteric part of our digestive tract that almost 90% of our immune response resides, and if we see the gut as outside the body then everything outside the body affects the immune system!  Everything!  The air, food, water and yes, chemicals and pollution!  This is a huge revelation because the entire argument of the western medical paradigm is based on that nothing you ingest or put on your body effects the creation or resolution of disease.

It is time to teach old docs new tricks!


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