Do you want to lose weight? Feel great? Never tired, always ready for fun? It starts with a new Economy!

Well, we all do… This is our first step…Create a new narrative about the economy.  Sign up for this free thing…  (I am not involved at all, just came across my desk)

There WILL be a new economy. The old economic paradigm is broken, was broken when it began. Some of you may think it is working just fine, but it isn’t.

It supports the inflammation that is causing obesity, the processed foods that cause diabetes and auto immune diseases and the list goes on ad nauseum, as my personal FB peeps are already nauseous from hearing about it, I am SURE! 😉

We have to create a different language, a different narrative around what we, the 99% of people who do NOT have a million dollar yacht AND a summer house AND a mansion with 5 cars AND a plane would like to create so that one day we might have 1/2 of that+ or silly things like clean air, water and soil and FOOD that don’t make our bellies blow up like pregnant-lady balloons!

The old economy is grinding to a halt and trying to take us all out with it.

Check this free thing out and step off the platform at a stop along this human continuum we couldn’t control.

THIS new train is going to clean air water and soil and to your future bangin’ hot bod!

Woo woo!!  Chugga chugga chugga chugga, chugga chugga chugga chugga… Woo woo!!!




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