Consistency is the key AND the bugaboo, oh and wear a condom!

I feel better today.  I started taking charcoal yesterday.  Coincidence?

I still don’t have time to update y’all about the lameish parasite cleanse I am doing.  I quit doing my posts on it because I got a horrible case of Monkey Butt and I wanted to give you the recipe of what was working for me. Yes, on top of the parasite cleanse I had a case of monkey butt a long haul driver would have said, “Oh! you poor thing,” too.

But I had an ethical issue and still do and I am thinking I am just going to lay it on the line here, later when I have time.  I may piss someone off, but I piss about 10-20 people off a day as it is.  Or so it seems…;-0

I can’t tell you about it now because I am excited about writing, and running out of time to go write a 5 page paper on how probiotics affect the microbiome!  I love my school!  Woo hoo!

Later, when said time is had, I will talk about my lack of consistency and my gladness everyday I don’t have kids because all they crave is consistency.  My cat, bless her heart.  She is so sweet despite my confusing-to-her, inconsistent actions.

Kids?  They don’t play that.  They get hurt.  They act out. and then they have kids.  Well, so do cats…  but cats can’t drive.

Anyway, this could segue into a don’t-have-sex-if-you-know-you-aren’t-consistent talk.  Or a don’t-be-a-parent talk… but I like to look at the root cause and what causes parents?  SEX!  But I still don’t have the time…But I have this:

Consistency in positive behavior should be taught in schools.   Everything from health (sex), to finance, to home making, to vocation relies on consistent actions.  Sure we also need to be taught the correct actions and that is what school is for.   Education must be consistent too. For example, if we are not going to have a CONSISTENT sex ed and birth control program what do we get?   We get abortion.  Abortion happens as a REACTION to inconsistency in obtaining CHEAP birth control and inconsistent sex ed.  All of this coupled with no parenting classes?  = shitty world

What is my goal?  Why do I care about others consistent behavior?  Because I selfishly want to live in a world were everything WORKS and isn’t so damn BROKEN!  The ONLY reason I know ANY of this is because I have pretty much done it all wrong and in fixing my own shite I may be able to help another fix their own.  I wish it could be town by town or country by country so that change takes place in my lifetime, but I hold close to me the belief that instantaneous change is possible.    

PS We also need to teach kids that a kid isn’t just a kid it is a LINEAGE!!  A long line of people descended from you!!!! That’s a lot of freaking people to be responsible for!  So, we need to educate and consistently wear a condom!

It all comes back to sex doesn’t it?




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