About Soul Kitty the Positivity Whisperer and Human Microbiomologist

I am health/lifestyler, retired RN and life long planet empathizer.  I am also a Human Microbiomologist. I study the critters in our guts and how they relate to each other, ourselves and the world around us.  I am two semesters away from getting my undergrad degree at Goddard College.  I am working towards a doctorate in Health Arts and Sciences, relating to the root causes of  physical/mental health/disease and how knowing this can change the current broken medical paradigm.  I decided to go the academic route because sometimes you have to work within a system to effect change!

Sometimes, no really, most of the time I wish I didn’t care so much about the silent screams from the beings suffering at our expense. It is quite a burden to care so much, but finally after 46 years, because of all this progress at the expense of the oceans, forests, air and water, I can share with you all my ideas to help stop or at least slow down our march to mass extinction…or share my wanna-be-positive kvetching about it all…I had an above-average incredibly difficult childhood and think that may have made me able to walk in others’ shoes so easily and is why it took me so long to get here.  I am like a 26 year old in my brain on some levels.

I care about you.  I care about your health, all of your health, your mental and physical and spiritual health.  I really do.  I care a lot!  Everyday I have to eschew my People Suck mentality and open my heart and love to those assholes who drive in the left lane, just to get a rise out of someone, anyone because they are hurting and want any attention they can get.  I have to open my heart to love every freaking moment or I suck just like they do!

I am a food and social justice advocate. I sign petitions, I make calls, post incessantly on FB, but I DO NOT TROLL.  Trolling is part of the problem.  It is bullying and just throws gasoline on an already raging fire started by people who want us to hate each other.

In the few years, the thing that has helped put things in perspective for me and honestly has helped me not worry AS much is the Fukushima reactor catastrophe and now life may be shorter than we think, so live it like it’s ending tomorrow!

More lately, I discovered that my health was being severely compromised by a serious parasite (worm and Candida) infestation.  Hence the interest in the Microbiomology.  I thought it was just arthritis, but have since discovered that a parasitic infection can cause arthritis.  I absolutely believe in finding the root cause of any malady – personally, societally or planetarally.   So here I go spelunking in the Human microbiome to discover the root cause of most if not all disease, (my theory) ;-)! I will be sharing my school papers.  Remember, as an independent Health Arts and Sciences student, I am teaching myself.  If you have comments and corrections, please be gentle and helpful.  Thanks in advance!

So here is the positive stuff: E=mc2. Energy doesn’t stop it just changes form. Your thoughts are energy. They can be positive or negative.  Energy = Mass.  Negative thoughts attract negative actions. Positive thoughts attract positive actions. Choose the positive.  Say it in the present.  If you say,  “I will, I want, I hope, I wish,” that always puts your desires just out of reach. So say things like, “I am and I have…”It is amazing to watch what happens! Fake it ’til you make it and read Shakti Gawaines, Creative Visualization.

Oh, I also think organized religion is a blight on this earth. Christ, Muhammad and Yahweh would be very disappointed! I grew up in the Episcopal Church and really it saved my life. It was a nurturing family that I desperately needed. Community churches are not what I am talking about. I am talking about the fighting-in-God’s-name religion. It is an unevolved way of being and it must stop if we are to see peace on this earth! My God is no better than your God and your God is no better than their God. Get a grip people!

My goal is to always be and do better, always make changes and tweaks to the way I think and behave to be a better human being on this planet. I get angry, sad, frustrated.  I am not perfect and make mistakes. I write about how to be positive, create a better life out there and in here, and how we can shift the old destructive paradigm into a shiny, new evolved paradigm.  I do practice what I preach, but I am human and practice like a human.  I think you know what that means…;)

Join me in raising the collective consciousness one moment at a time.

PS, Oh, and I LOVE kitties! In April, 2012 I rescued my soul kitty, Tia. She was the inspiration for the name and since Kitty is one of my nicknames it just made sense.



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