GIFT GIVING IDEA!!:-):-) You know I am all about the ROOT CAUSE. What is the root cause of all this poverty and racism and ignorance and hate and all the other stars in the constellation of symptoms that are driving our country into a terminal illness??

GIFT GIVING IDEA!!:-):-) Woo Hoo!
You know I am all about the ROOT CAUSE. What is the root cause of all this poverty and racism and ignorance and hate and all the other stars in the constellation of symptoms that are driving our country into a terminal illness??

The lack of EDUCATION! 

SO! Here is something tangible you can do!

1.Take your gift money, especially the money you wouldn’t spend in your OWN community from mom and pop stores (I mean do shop at the mom and pop stores, NOT the The Wal*Mart 1 Percent down the street) and donate your consumer bent money that is feeding the monster of problems we see in our country and donate to your OWN community’s public library!

2. Spread the word! Have bake sales for this! We need to bring back the public library! The people who want to keep the masses stupid and uneducated have taken away tax money for public libraries along with funding for other social programs that educate the most vulnerable.

Libraries don’t just have to have books. If they have the funding they can have literacy programs and classes on personal finance, parenting whatever the community needs. They need funding to make it a “cool,” a place for kids to go to learn and be inspired by their own minds reflected off the pages of the books they read.

My mom or dad used to take us to Maud Burris Library in Decatur Ga every Saturday. Rain or shine, cold or hot. We looked forward to it and would get 10 or 12 books – whatever their limit was. EVERY SATURDAY! And we read them all, simultaneously.

Reading is just like exercising your body. The more you DO the more you WANT to do. It is exercise for your BRAIN!!!

FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD I am going to focus on the solution. What has happened has happened. The past is the past. And I am going to kill myself with the stress of all the horrible things that have happened to others in the past. That does not mean we forget the past, but when we focus on the past we move backwards because our feet are faced that way! We have to stand with our feet towards the future in order to move FORWARD!.

AND it doesn’t have to leave anyone out. The “evil” oil oil/chemical/pharm people also need us to look forward and to look forward in a way that includes everyone, including them. WE have to show them a better way. How can they make whatever dirty industry they have into something where they can make money, because that is the thing they think they need to be happy, AND they are HELPING and not hurting their communities and our country and our world? Big question, I know, but what if we all put our heads together on it?

We have to weave our own lives into fabric of a beautiful life. No one else will do it, because if we just let THEM weave the fabric of our life? Well, their fabric is woven with itchy, possibly poisoned (remember small pox?) yarn.



What would it take for the #westernmedicalparadigm to wake up to the reality of the balance of the Microbiome? It’s either disease or health.

Balance is the KEY!

How much microbiology is taught in Medical school?  Parasitology?  Is it doing harm if a doctor ignores a huge part of the disease causing world?  Parasites, fungus and yeast when out of balance wreak havoc on the human body.  Just because it is a lot of work to learn this doesn’t mean that doctors should bury their heads in their collective un-conscience and pretend that worms and yeast are little more than urban myth.

I have a very typical microbiological tale to tell.  I think it is going to sound a little extreme, but I think it may be more common than we all think.  Since I was 8 I have yo-yo dieted, been uncontrollably and un-function-ably addicted to sugar, very sick twice, tried really hard and quit sugar for a year and a half in my 20s, societal pressures got me hooked again and then I was asleep for 15 years.  

I am back awake fully this time and dealing with a nasty infestation.  At 46 I have spent 38 years battling what I thought was a weight issue!  It is not a weight issue it is an imbalance issue.  My microbiome was pathologically imbalanced.   It is healing because I am introducing micro-species that will help crowd out the pathos and usher in an era of well being, even happiness.  I lost about 75% of my irrational anger when I release a nest of worms.  I KNOW now that imbalance in the gut causes imbalance in my psychology and there are studies emerging that support my experience.  I will be posting those as I come across them.

One of the biggest ah ha’s in my research was discovering that the digestive tract from mouth to anus is actually an external part of the body!   Ben Locwin floored my brain when he wrote, “Let’s think about that again: Inside your digestive system is outside of your body. Your body accesses nutrients through digestion from food passing through, but these nutrients pass through your intestinal walls, and your body is effectively separated from the food by many layers of cellular lamina; the food is really outside of your body. By contrast, those things inside of your body, such as organs, blood, etc. are designed to be axenic – this term means ‘free from foreign bodies.’ If you weren’t axenic, that would mean that you had an active infection.”

So we have to consider that our guts are actually a part of our surrounding environment!  Everything we consume, everything we eliminate is involved in every other aspect of the microbiome around us!  If we see the digestive tract as truly outside the body and we know now that in the enteric part of our digestive tract that almost 90% of our immune response resides, and if we see the gut as outside the body then everything outside the body affects the immune system!  Everything!  The air, food, water and yes, chemicals and pollution!  This is a huge revelation because the entire argument of the western medical paradigm is based on that nothing you ingest or put on your body effects the creation or resolution of disease.

It is time to teach old docs new tricks!

As I deworm the beasties in my gut, my anger, frustration and stress reactions are lessoned!

Something I haven’t talked about is that with the pain that decreased so much after releasing that ugly nest of worms, (Oh! I need to find the only picture on the net I found that resembles what I passed!  Sorry!  Soon, my little kitty lovers, soon!), something else is also dissipating.  My anger.  I was getting to a place in my unhealth where I just couldn’t release anger at everything from the man who murders Crepe Myrtles in summertime, to the idiot drivers to our government and its irresponsible role in the world not to mention Big Pharma, Agro-Chem and Big Gun.  It was causing huge amounts of cortisol to course through my system which actually FEEDS the little beasties in our guts.  Cortisol is a steroid and steroids raise blood sugar and parasite LOVE sugar more than anything.  So it was a positive feedback loop.  I think I started Soul Kitty in an effort to work through that anger because I really believe that anger is non productive and I sooo want peace in my life and on this earth.  Since I believe that our thoughts create our reality, because E=MC2, then I felt if I started a blog and Twitter and FB page related to putting the present positive out there then it would have to help all my anger.  Anger is based in fear, so maybe a lot of my fear also passed with those ugly large worms!

I still get angry at things I cannot control, but the thing is I am not holding onto it for hours or days.  Which frees up a lot of psychic energy for other pursuits.

How many people out there have nutrient sucking, blood sucking worms in them driving their fear based anger?  I think if mental health professionals started prescribing Diatomaceous Earth BEFORE they prescribe anti-depressants for a 90 day cycle, we would see a huge reduction in mental illness!  I KNOW that is a huge statement, but these buggers are REAL and they are sucking the lifeblood out of us and interfering with the ability of our enteric gut-brain to function properly and naturally.

I know I am not going to rid my body of all the beasties.  I just want the bad actors out. It seems really ironic or a coincidence that ISIS and my wormy bugs are happening or discovered at the same time.  Hmmm does that mean that everything is connected???

Of course it is…;-)

PS I have a post about week 5 on hold waiting for a friend to release a product that can help so many people with a bugaboo of an issue.  The post will have to have a TMI warning, but we have to de-stigmatize what I call monkey butt…stay tuned.

Weeks #3 and 4… Little beasties and cravings and relapse, oh my!

Today I made a beautiful shredded lacinato kale salad with dots of red pepper tossed with red onion and blueberries marinated in fresh lemon and ginger juice, sesame oil, 100% olive oil, fresh garlic and sea salt…

…because today was my Monday, my let’s-start-this-shizzie-over-again day.  Any day really is a good day to start again.  Try, try ALWAYS try again.  

So, on average I have had relief from my constant pain that I had for a year and half which started with spleen pain, kidney pain, solar plexus pain which then spread to my joints.  BUT I am coming up against the place I have always found myself in when I attempt to rid my body of Candida or other beasties and heal completely.  I have been fighting this particular parasite, Candida Albicans for 21 years ever since having Spinal Meningitis.  The worms I believe I got when we sailed our boat to the Caribbean and swam in fresh water.  Both things collided to make me miserable.  The big worms I am pretty sure are gone,  and what I thought were pinworms are now gone, but the little yeasties are still about and screaming for what they love.   Carbs, sweeteners, extra protein, caffeine anything to make my blood sugar rise.  Even though I eat very clean there are still things I can cut out.  Stevia, dairy, caffeine even in decaf coffee, chocolate, (home made with stevia), rice flour tortillas and almond milk cheese.  I had all of these things during weeks 3 and 4. Every day.  The cravings were just too intense.  I still was juicing, (all local NC organic cucs, broc, cabbage, parsley or cilantro, red lettuce, carrots, kale stems, and lemon and celery), except the two days my fabulous MIL was in town with her Beau and 2 doggie daughters, still oil pulling, still taking 2-4 tbsp of coconut oil (although I need to write a post just about that whole issue), still taking the DE, taking psyllium husk fiber because the DE causes binding up and drinking as much reverse osmosis water with added minerals as much as possible.  The kale salad today broke the cravings.  There is something magical about Kale when mixed with whole-lemon juice.  It is like my body gets everything it needs and knocks out the cravings.  I am having a headache but I am pretty sure it is related to the detoxing I am still doing.  

OH!  I didn’t even tell you the worse thing I was having.  Dirty vodka martinis!  I know!   Well, I had about 5 over a 2 week period.  That phase is over now, but that is how strong the cravings can be.  I just think you need to know this if you decide to bear/bare this journey.   The upshot of not eating stellarly is that some of the joint pain returned, thus, the relapse in my title.  I KNEW it would happen, but I went ahead and strayed from my anti parasite/arthritis detox plan anyway.  It is a pattern of mine.  My hope is that telling you, writing this out for all to see will help me be accountable so that I will be able to continue on regardless of whether I slip.  That is maturity, keeping on the path even if you slide off momentarily, even if the path is difficult because you know that eventually the payoff will be worth it.  

I learned a lot going to Overeaters Anonymous when I was dealing with the binging and purging and anorexia cycle I dealt with in the years following my illness.  If you are having a really rough time dealing with the cravings don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Hopefully, you can find a meeting in your town, if not you could start one!  Do you know how many sugar and food addicts are out there??  60% of us are obese in this country ( am not now, but have been in my yo-yo disease of biome inequality), so that is how many of us are addicted to food.  The main thing I learned is if you don’t plan, you will fail.  If you don’t plan to have healthy quick choices you will listen to whatever beasties are lurking in your gut and I guarantee you they are NOT screaming for Kale!  LOL

So, I made enough salad to get me through about 4-5 days.  It is an addition to a lettuce salad or an addition to an egg dish or I can tossed it with local grilled shrimp…

The nicest thing that has happened is that my fabulous Soul Man has agreed to have a bit of my juice in the morning and THIS morning, on his fourth day, (I thought he was gone off to do some work on a project, but…), he came back and asked if I had made him a juice!!  His body must know that those enzymes are a workin’!  Yay!  Makes my heart happy!

What are the puzzle pieces you are putting together in your life that contribute to your health?  How are you making your life better everyday?

I wish you all the best!  Meow!

Week 2: The New Arthritis Cure and Diatomaceous Earth trial – 50-70% relief!!

OK!  Well!  I have big news!  First though I am going to tell you what I have been doing.  This was a very hard week for Tia, my sweet man and me.  We moved.  It was a temporary move while our house gets new shoes, a 4-5 month process.  I had already told S that I could not be counted on to do much of anything.  After I last posted I had a huge relapse.  I honestly thought I was going to die of some kind of bone and joint AND organ cancer.  I had pain from my hair to my toenails.  I was shuffling about like a sick 80 year old.  My eyes were dull, like literally the color had drained out.  Bad constipation, which I never get.  No appetite and just pain.  I kept up with my oil pulling, taking 3 Tbsp of coconut oil (I’ll call it CO from here out) with meals, I got methylated Folate at the urging of my AWESOME health coach Linda Gibbs Dewitt to rule out if I have the MTHFR gene mutation.  I also started the Diatomaceous Earth (DE).  The first day, 4 days ago, I took a heaping tsp.  The next day i took a heaping tbsp after reading more about it.  The next day I passed what looked like this (will post pic soon).  5-6 comma shaped, 5-6 inch in length a 1/4 wide THINGS floating in the toilet.  Within the hour I felt better.  Every house thereafter I felt better, less pain.  24 hours later, yesterday i was able to bend over and pick things up off the floor without wincing, grunting and sighing!  So I started doing some more research on DE and what worms I actually might have.  Go, look for yourself.  I’ll post links later since we are still unpacking, but look up what to expect when taking Diatomaceous Earth. Last night I started having serious itching.  My butt, my EYES and crazy weird “pains” in my intestines when I was trying to get to sleep.  It felt like my spleen was going to explode (at least it felt like the area where the spleen is located and is ground zero for where I had my first unexplained body pains in May of 2013), and what I can only describe as wriggling in my intestines.  Today?  More itching, BUT when I went to take something upstairs I RAN upstairs with energy like I had years ago!!  I KNOW!!!  It feels like a miracle…BUT

So the itching…I think I have several kinds of worms.   I was infested with pinworms as a child.  I have always chewed my fingers until they bleed.  I am sure that is the vector point.  I will get more into it when I have time, but needless to say I am really getting in the weeds on research on how to get rid of these buggers.  I am going to keep the faith that I will!  Please ask me any questions you want about this!

The New Arthritis Cure: Week 1. Oh, gosh, here we go!

It feels like I just got on the first train of a roller coaster.  CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK up the hill we go!  Hands on the bar, stomach in my windpipe, not really sure I want to do this, looking forward to the rush at the end and just wish I could skip the rest.  Honestly.

I keep forgetting why I am in so much pain all of the time, but I had a serious illness, Spinal Meningitis 20 years ago.  I think that is what is causing all of my crazy pain.  I beat myself bloody and blue because I feel so horrible about myself because I have a hard time doing anything and I trick myself in to believing it is because I am lazy.  I am NOT lazy.  I used to work harder than most men because I married a super human guy who gets the job done of 3-5 huge men so I had to keep up!  For a decade we gutted and remodeled houses weeks at a time 10-12 hours a day.  I used to work out 5 days a week, mow the lawn, vacuum, clean, move furniture, and just generally jump up and do anything that needed to be done. Now?  Everything I do is like moving through molasses with broken joints.

I quit sugar 3 years ago, I eat only organic, non-GMO local foods.  I actually will just not eat if there aren’t those choices available.  Luckily, in my town there is a localvore restaurant so I can go out to eat and have a night on the town occasionally, but in general I eat only the foods I make solely because I have been trying to suss this pain out.  After I wake I have a big mason jar of ginger and lemon juice or just lemon organic of course.   I do not eat grains unless it is quinoa at Persimmons and the VERY occasional sour dough bread crust with grass fed butter.  I eat no red meat, no chicken or fish.  I rarely have shell fish, but unpreserved.  I have had a healthy chocolate habit until last week, but it is chocolate I make from organic 100% dark fair trade, yada yada, sweetened with stevia.  I have nuts, but I soak and dehydrate my organic nuts.   For food fun I have pizzas that I make with a pre-baked-by-me rice tortilla.  I used to have organic cow cheese but have switched to almond cheese and we load those babies with 5 kinds of veggies so they really aren’t that bad.  That is the “worst” thing I think I eat.  I will once a week or less have a dirty martini.  I know I should stop that but come on!  Can’t a girl cut a little loose???  That may have to end here soon if I see no relief.  I don’t drink wine but VERY rarely because of the sugar in wine.  Oh, I used to have a decaf coffee every morning with organic half and half.  If I am freaking out, needing a fix and am tempted to make chocolate or something I will still have that.  I have tried coconut milk and I do use it, but sometimes I need to get my dairy sugar on.  I must stop it, but I am a food addict… But really all in all I eat healthier than 99% of the population.  You would think I would be the healthiest one out there!!  So I know there is something ELSE going on.

Since I want to document this journey to healing my body I feel I need to list what is going on with me.  It goes against my positivity-whispering code of not stating the present negative, but there may be someone out there who is having the same kinds of issues.   I haven’t been able to raise my right arm because of arthritis in my shoulder and AC joint, my 2 lower ruptured discs and 5+ vertebrae riddled with arthritis send pain down both legs, my left hip aches and my right foot has a painful bunion.  I have pains in my solar plexus region and my kidneys.  I am super auditory/photosensitive, (light bothers me a LOT) I have had all the blood tests to see if I have an auto immune disorder and many other tests to rule out more serious disease.  I really just think that the virus/bacteria (Spinal Meningitis viral/bacterial loads are measured by protein count in the spinal fluid on a continuum and I was right on the line between the two.), is still in my body and is causing all this havoc.

I know there will be people who think that there can be no cure for arthritis especially through what we eat and those same people also might say there is no way viruses and bacteria are hanging out in the crevices of our bodies.  But I say, first we ARE what we eat.  Period.  All you need is empirical evidence for that!  Where are the studies you may ask?   I don’t need a raft of links to point to studies for this one!  Eat whole foods for 30 days and you will be your own study!  The second.  All I have to do is look at Post Polio Syndrome.  My mom has Post Polio Syndrome from the original virus and it affects her whole body, not just where the nerves and muscles were damaged.   Dr. Fife talks about places in the body that do not get constant blood flow like joints and teeth are ideal places for bad-acting microbes to hide out because without blood flow there can be no white blood cells riding in to the rescue to slay those bad actors.  Coconut oil has anti bad-microbial properties and he makes a good argument to use it to help kill these microbial lurkers who can wreak havoc on teeth and joints.

So I have finished this first week.  I also enlisted the help of a health coach, Linda Gibbs Dewitt.  I felt like I needed some accountability.  She bought the book before our first meeting, took notes and gave me three things to do this week.  Up my intake of the coconut oil, the oil pulling and try Diatomaceous Earth.  I did all three!  I feel like coconut oil is a new member of the family!  I take 1-3 table spoons a day, I have oil pulled 5 times this week.  (I had to skip 2 mornings with family visiting.)  I have had what I think might be a cleansing reaction with a mild headache which also may be from stopping my HUGE chocolate habit abruptly.  Oh and I, on my health coach’s recommendation, watched Super Juice Me and it really re-inspired me to juice so I have been having one juice a day of either cilantro or parsley, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, cabbage and celery.

What is different this first week?  Well, in the last few days I have woken up looking forward to getting out of bed!  That is huge since it usually takes me an hour to wake fully and then another 20 minutes to get OUT of the bed.  I have had to schedule this time into my day!!  But yesterday and today I woke up and got out of bed almost before I had a chance to realize it!  No dragging myself out of sleep.  HUGE.  All the pains are still there, but the fog has lifted. So I say it is starting to work!!!!

I would LOVE to hear from you.  Have you read this book?  Do you have arthritis?  Come do this with me!  I would love the company!


PS I wanted to post a pic, but WordPress won’t let me.  Twitter will though so you can see it on the feed over there on the right…

For those who know me well, I have often had family issues. Well, in razorblading my eyes open and seeing MY part, I see hope where there was no hope. Movement towards happiness. Which can only happen in baby steps. I hope I can be disciplined enough for baby steps. I usually take impatient giant steps which crush and sabotage. This type of practice, a living meditation is really the only way though I have come to find. I meditated 22 days in a row recently and it allowed me to be present in some serious pain. It was a strong reminder for me that being present and paying attention to everything is the way to strengthen character. Meditation, ie, paying attention to the present moment, is a core exercise for character development.