Humans are soft sacks of blood and bone. 250 mile per hour winds will pop us like water balloons.

veiled rainbow

You can see the powerful colors of this rainbow behind the clouds. It’s how I imagine our awakening is being clouded by the distractions caused by caring about things that don’t matter in the face of what we need to overcome to evolve – in the face of air, water and soil getting close to no longer supporting life as we know it, or life at all.

Humans are in dire straights. The earth, as George Carlin said will be just fine, and when 100 tornados touch down at once we won’t be worried about the earth. Humans are soft sacks of blood and bone. 250 mile per hour winds will pop us like water balloons.

Our lungs are spongy weird tissue that exchange the valuable oxygen we need to live, but where is the saturation point at which our earth’s atmosphere will no longer have enough oxygen?   How many toxic spills more will it take to make water unfilterable except for only the people who can afford it?

I think you know I am an ardent, tireless supporter of equality for EVERYBODY, so I know you won’t beat me up for saying this:

I believe we as a global community must put aside our disputes over color, sex, religion, creed, national origin and politics because it is distracting us and taking up valuable energy we need to give to our families, our communities, our regions, states and countries in order for us to move forward towards ENVIRONMENTAL equality.

Sure, the wealthy will be able to build storm shelters and reverse osmosis water systems for their walled off O2 bubbles they built for themselves to live, shop and socialize in, but do you think 99% of us would have access?

Uh, Houston, that would be a negatory.

It is time to personally be David to the world’s Goliath. Make one action everyday that moves all of us forward towards peace, even if all you can muster is one tiny moment, once a day of just thinking how this world can move towards peace.  It will help.  But if you can do more, please do!  There is no time to delay, but don’t beat yourself up either.  Be sweet to yourself even if you are thinking of moving forward, just keep going and always improve.  Whatever way you can move forward COUNTS!!

Examples of easier things that help move us forward:

  • Open a door for another.
  • Take a grocery cart back to the store for a stranger, if you are able.
  • Look people in the eyes and smile.
  • Stop the water while you brush your teeth.
  • Don’t pull out in front of another car when you are a slow driver, just to see the reaction of the person behind you in your rear view mirror.
  • Give a compliment to a stranger…

 Work up to harder stuff like:

  • Don’t buy so much wasteful stuff swaddled in plastic and that sooner rather than later you will throw away  because you didn’t really need it anyway.*  
  • Donate money to your public library.  Education is the KEY!!!
  • Vote with your wallet against the greedy mother fuckers who are doing all the poisoning.
  • Stop watching commercial television.
  • Eat dinner with your whole family without the TV on

I could go on and on, but I need to do some dishes.

What else can you think of?  Put them in the comments!   Help us all using that big brain God gave you! 🙂  

Y’all talk amongst yourselves, with love!

WE must lay down our OWN swords and shields, by the riverside.  Let’s not study the war no more. (From an  American African spiritual.  I know I have a lot of typos, so I didn’t want you to think this was one…;-)

*  A note on plastic; a good way to look at it when you see it used in packaging:  Imagine that plastic is like a dry cleaner bag that could choke a baby.  I am being literal.  When this shit moves up the food chain this could choke your baby out of a life before it begins or could tetrogenically mutate your baby.  We don’t know the ramifications yet.  This knowledge may help induce change.

Go in peace and hug each other!  Hugs releases happy neurotransmitters!